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The Early Casefiles of Sherlock Holmes
The Sherlock Holmes Origin Series

Wilhelmina Quigley: Magic School Dropout

Family wields the greatest magic.

A missing father. A mother bewitched. Wilhelmina must use her unpredictable magic to catch whoever—or whatever—is stalking her parents. Will her powers be enough to restore her family?

When Wilhelmina accidentally sets her remedial magic class on fire, she is sent to live in the ordinary world with a mother she barely knows. Her adjustment gets off to a very rocky start. She has sudden, unexplainable bursts of magic—mostly while navigating the middle-school minefield—and her mother’s behaving like she’s under some spell. Despite her handicapped magic, Wilhelmina vows to get to the bottom of it all—even if she could vanish without a trace just like her father.

Wilhelmina Quigley: Magic School Dropout is a fish-out-of-water story with touches of mystery, fantasy, and humor.

“A witty tale of enchantment.”

Buy this book now to laugh along with Wilhelmina as she learns about the ordinary world.

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The Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes:
Essays on Victorian England
Volume 4

Be as smart as Sherlock Holmes!

Arthur Conan Doyle's original tales include many references to everyday Victorian life that are no longer part of current readers’ world. What Holmes would have eaten from a can while searching for the hound of the Baskervilles, Watson's enjoyment of a yellow-back novel, or the proper use of a gasogene would have been common knowledge to the Victorian contemporary but compels modern readers to run to the nearest reference book. These twenty-five short essays pull such items from the past and expand on their significance in the story. As an additional bonus, this book contains an essay on the role of scandal in Holmes' cases, originally appearing in a collected volume of essays on feminism and agency. After enjoying these concise treatises on Holmes’ world, readers will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of both the times and the life of the world’s greatest consulting detective.

"Prepare to be enlightened and entertained!"
- bestselling author Carole Nelson Douglas

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The Adverture of the Murdered Midwife -- Liese Sherwood Fabre

Case 4: The Adventure of the Purloined Portrait

Before Sherlock Holmes became the world’s greatest consulting detective...
Ghosts from the past threaten the Holmes family’s future.

Sherlock’s mother hasn’t been herself for months, and her unrest has put the whole family on edge. The first night of a long-planned trip to Paris is shattered when they witness the death of one of Mrs. Holmes’ former suitors. As Sherlock seeks to unravel the mystery behind the murder, increasingly deadly attempts are made to stop him from uncovering the truth. Can Sherlock keep the family’s fraying ties from breaking when long buried secrets come to light?

"Perfectly combines a young Sherlock Holmes, mystery, and historical fiction in a very convincing addition to Sherlockian lore."
- BookLife Prize

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