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MX Volume 36 Liese Sherwood Fabre

Decipher. Deduce. Deliver.

Sherlock Holmes, the most cerebral of detectives, finds his deductive powers put to the test in this intriguing collection of cases. Each adventure presents a web of secrets, clues, and deceptions. Only his highly honed observational skills lead him to the truth.

In a locked-room murder, how did the victim succumb to “The Curse of Kisin?” And how had the daughter of Squire Northridge disappeared from her own locked bedroom? Can Holmes, an ocean away, determine if a missing treasure hunter ran off with Jean Lafitte’s fabled buried plunder? The disappearance of a beloved dog is an adventure filled with whimsy and humor, as are the return of Lady Frances Carfax and the howling dog of Baker Street.

Holmes’ unrivaled deductive powers rise to the test with each case. He shines as the consummate master of the art of detection and will captivate from beginning to end.

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CIBA Award - Mystery and Mayhem


Wilhelmina Quigley: Magic School Dropout

This witch is in deep voodoo.

Wilhelmina Quigley’s spells have a habit of going haywire. When her magical blunders get her kicked out of school, she is sent to live with her mother in the ordinary world. There, she discovers some surprising talents, but her wonky magic keeps causing chaos. She also uncovers some disturbing family secrets about her father’s puzzling disappearance when she was a baby and her mother’s strange behavior after visit from a mysterious “friend.” She vows to discover who—or what—is threatening her family, even if she might vanish just like her dad. Fly into the quirky world of "Wilhelmina Quigley: Magic School Dropout," a tale that mixes magic, laughs, and a hint of mystery.

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Coming Soon

The Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes: Essays on Victorian England | Volume 5

Demystifying Victorian England

Step into the world of Sherlock Holmes and uncover the intricate details of Victorian England.

This fascinating volume of short essays delves into the trifles of everyday Victorian life mentioned in Arthur Conan Doyle's original stories. Come along to explore the era's cultural, scientific, and social landscape. Each essay meticulously examines a unique topic, bringing to life the Victorian backdrop against which the great detective solved his cases. From the mysteries of the cosmos to common aspects of everyday life, the collection provides an in-depth look at the seemingly mundane and the profoundly significant. More than just a companion to the Sherlock Holmes stories, the essays provide a window into the world that shaped them. Whether you are a devoted Holmesian or a curious historian, this volume offers a captivating journey through the eclectic and enchanting world of Sherlock Holmes and Victorian England.


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